Ace director SS Rajamouli's comment that he did not like Oscar-winning film Parasite got him trolled, but the Baahubali director's fans have come to his rescue and termed it an overrated movie.

Directed by Bong Joon-ho, Parasite is about greed and class discrimination, which threatens the newly-formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan. This South Korean black comedy thriller has won four awards like Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards.

Director SS Rajamouli
Director SS Rajamouli

Besides, Parasite has also received huge success in its theatrical run. But in an interview to a TV channel, SS Rajamouli said that he found it boring and slow. When asked about the Oscar-winning film, the RRR director said, "I felt it was slow in the beginning. It was late and I slept halfway through the movie."

SS Rajamouli's comment did not go down well with many filmgoers, who were outraged and came down heavily upon him for disregarding Bong Joon-ho's creative work. They called him right-wing extremists and asked "What do you expect from the guy who makes hero-worshipping and mass masala movies?

ന @mylastweets

Rajamouli is not half as good as Priyadarshan but holds twice the bigotry. Idk if he understood the movie but if he did, a closet right wing extremist like him is guaranteed to hate Parasite.

அருண் @I_Arun7

#Rajamouli calls #parasite boring. what do you expect from the guy who makes hero worshipping movies who comes from the mass masala movie industry.not expected from india's no.1 director. Ps:i felt it wasn't an oscar worthy movie too just like birdman

PackersGreenbay @elon_space

#Rajamouli couldnt find anything to copy from #Parasite #Rajamouli thinks a movie is all about unrealistic elevation of the lead actor. Him not liking #Parasite is no surprise Ask Malayalam directors about Parasite they r more reliable since Malayalam movies r realistic #Prabhas


However, many fans and admirers of SS Rajamouli were hurt by these trolls. While the RRR movie director kept mum on the issue, his fans have hit back at them, saying that it is his opinion and one can't judge it. There is no hard rule that everyone should like or dislike the film.


I have done some research to understand parasite climax. It's a good intellectual movie. But Rajamouli movies has everything that rickshaw puller to Indian techie get goosebumps watching it in theaters. Yes , there will be 2-5 % intellectuals like you can't take it.

Haricharan Pudipeddi @pudiharicharan

Wow. People are really judging Rajamouli on his statement about not liking Parasite. Come man, man. At least he was honest about his opinion. It's perfectly alright to not like it. All of us need not have to like the same film. No hard and fast rule.

Abhinav Sunder Nayak @abhinavsnayak

People who are trolling Rajamouli for voicing his opinion. '=' People who trolled Parvathy for voicing her opinion. According to me, they are two ends of the same spectrum. Just because Parasite won a Palme d'or and an Oscar, you can't give this a free pass. Winking face

Dr.vantalakka @codoctorbabu

After Rajamouli said while watching #Parasite he slept...Now am seeing the comments that it is overrated..The same guys were saying it as a masterpiece during the #Oscars2020 ..IDIOTS

AA FAN @hemanthng12

He didn't call Dalits Parasites. Stop misinterpreting everything. Is he mad to show hate towards Dalit in public platforms ? He explained what a parasite is and caste system. He didn't support it. Rajamouli is an atheist for your information.