Pawan Kalyan celebrated Jana Sena formation day

Power star Pawan Kalyan, who was recently criticized for his contradictory views, has once again shown double standards in judging the sexploitation of Telugu actress Sri Reddy and the rape cases of Kathua and Unnao.

Upset with the lack of film offers, Sri Reddy had started a protest against the Telugu film industry for ignoring local actresses. The actress had requested Pawan Kalyan to voice his support for her and also cast only Telugu girls in his movies. She did a nude protest and also released proof of sexual harassment in the film industry. But the actor-turned-politician kept mum on the issue and never spoke a word about it.

The national media has been debating the alleged rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl from Kathua and rape of a 17-year-old girl in Unnao by BJP leader Kuldeep Singh Sengar for the last one week. All opposition leaders are busy attacking the BJP-led NDA government. Pawan Kalyan, who has also criticized the BJP over the AP special category status, jumped on to this opportunity to score a political mileage.

Talking about the Kathua and Unnao cases, Pawan urged all the political parties to condemn the heinous acts irrespective of religion and region. The power star went to claim that he had thrashed people who molested women on the sets of Thammudu in 1999. "The crime was committed even before the police were informed. So, we had to take the law into our hands on a few occasions," he said.

But when asked about actress Sri Reddy's protest, Pawan Kalyan has altogether a different perspective. "Rather than sensationalism, they should immediately go and file complaints with the police. Instead of protesting in this manner on the roads, they should go to the police and say that injustice has been done. Let them handle it," said the actor.

Today, rape and sexual exploitation at the workplace (casting couch) are both burning issues that have become nightmares to millions of girls across the country. In fact, sexual exploitation has ended up as rape and murder in some cases. Both should be condemned and debated equally. One cannot be weighed as bigger and other cannot be given less attention saying that it is not so important.

Pawan Kalyan's views on both the issues are contradictory and show his immaturity. Just like in the past, he has made another senseless comment without actually having proper knowledge. His comments show that like many other politicians, he also does not have a genuine interest in public welfare. He is busy gaining political mileage for the next assembly election.

The Telugu film industry is as a family for Pawan Kalyan. And, as a superstar, shouldn't he lead the baton to safeguard the interests of women working in the film industry? If he can't do that, how can he be the voice of women across the state or the country?