Grey's Anatomy has been on for 16 seasons without ever failing to deliver to its loyal viewers. Even though the show had to cut down on four episodes because of the lockdown due to the coronavirus, the show's season finale was not one to disappoint.

The good news is that the original cast member, Dr Richard has been saved. Interestingly, it was revealed that he did not suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Instead, as figured out by DeLuca, Richard was suffering from cobalt poisoning, from a hip replacement from three years ago.

All this happened when Richard was being discharged from the hospital and being sent home. He slipped because of numbness in his legs which Meredith realized was not a symptom of Alzheimer's.

While all is good with Richard, things may have ended on a sad note for Teddy and Owen. The couple was scheduled to get married in this episode, but things take a different route. Tom is able to convince Teddy to sleep with him one last time. But in the most unexpected turn of events, Teddy's phone auto calls Owen while she's having sex with Tom. The call goes to voicemail, that Owen later plays out aloud during a surgery.

Teddy's wedding? 

The message also includes a conversation between the two where Teddy says that she is set on marrying Owen and that their lovemaking was just a way of saying goodbye. Teddy is later seen dressed in a wedding dress only to find Owen's mom there. She makes an excuse on her son's behalf saying, he got pulled into a surgery.

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For those of you wondering about what happens to Meredith and DeLuca's love angle, you may have to wait another season. Even though the two were teaming up on many surgeries together, their romantic relationship is still somewhat of a mystery.

Guess we'll have to wait longer than usual to catch a glimpse of the next season, but we can't thank Grey's Anatomy enough for giving us something to watch during this lockdown.