The pro-dubbing movement in Karnataka got a fillip after the trailer of Hollywood's Watch Spider-Man was released in Kannada. The dubbed version of the English film was released on Monday, April 3.

The trailer has been released in line with the makers' plans to release Spider-Man: Homecoming big across the country in multiple languages. It is for the first time in distant memory where the trailer of a Hollywood film is being dubbed in Kannada, which has now been welcomed by the pro-dubbing groups.

Kannada film industry has always been opposing the dubbing culture and no movie or television serial has been dubbed into this language since 1960s. Sandalwood took the stand on dubbing to safeguard the interests of its artistes and technicians with the backing from Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce along with other organisations.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) took up the case a few years ago following the complaint filed by the Grahakara Okkuta. It had overturned the ban, calling it "illegal." It also imposed fines on film bodies that prevented the release of dubbed films and television serials in Kannada. 

Despite the Competition Commission of India's order, dubbed films have not been allowed to release in the state. A recent attempt to release Tamil movie Sathyadev IPS was halted by pro-Kannada groups.

It has to be seen whether the makers of Spider-Man: Homecoming flex their muscles to successfully release the film in Kannada. Nonetheless, the visuals of Spiderman speaking in Kannada has thrilled the pro-dubbing groups. Many people on Twitter have welcomed the development. Their reactions can be read below:

Rohit‏: Would love to see it in Kannada,this can't much awesome than this. #SpiderManHomecoming with Abhinav.

Aditya Devaguptapu‏: @SonyPicsIndia absolutely love that you guys took the initiative to dub #SpiderManHomecoming in Kannada. Way to set an example!

Gautham Hegde: Wish to see #SpiderManHomecoming in Kannada soon

Vasant Shetty‏: @SonyPicsIndia We still have 3 months for the release of SpidermanHomeComing. Please dub and release the movie in Kannada too.

Ratheesha BR: Hurray... Spiderman speaks in Kannada.... Don't missb to watch this and share.

Coming back to the trailer, the clip gives a glimpse of the overall content with the action part taking center stage. The clip introduces the main characters and promises to deliver a power-packed entertainer in the form of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which will release in India in July.

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