Prominent YouTube channel, Bard Takes Productions, have released a short movie titled "Spider Man Lives: A Miles Morales Story" that showcases the adventures of Miles Morales as the Marvel Comics superhero, Spider-Man.

The movie is based on the Ultimate comic story arc of Marvel where the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, was killed by one of his enemies, Green Goblin. Afterwards, a chemically enhanced spider, with Parker's blood, bit Miles Morales, a teenager of Black Hispanic descent.

The movie begins with news channels reporting the death of Spider-Man as the country mourns. People across different states are coming together to pay their tribute to the friendly neighbourhood web-slinger.

Meanwhile, in a suburban area of Brooklyn, Miles is with his family at home, and watching the news of Spidey's death on TV. Miles' dad comments that the masked vigilante's death may have happened for good.

Initially displeased at his father for addressing Spidey as a "menace," Miles asks him why he thinks so.

It is then revealed that Miles' dad is a cop. He tells him about an incident where he witnessed a teenage boy buying drugs. He said that later, the boy also brought his younger brother with him to get the drugs.

Slightly enraged, he continues telling Miles that Spidey was so busy fighting the biggies and super villains that he never realised that the real enemy is attacking from within. Spider-Man never did anything about drugs, prostitution and rapes and that is why, he was nothing more than the menace.

All the while, none of Miles' family members note that Miles has a bite mark on his hand which indicates that he has already been bitten by the chemically enhanced spider.

While spending some time in a dilemma regarding what course of action to take with his new powers, Miles tries to deviate his mind from it, but just when he thought that he won't go the Spidey way, ever, something happened that changed his life.

The later part of the movie covers the adventures of Miles as he uses his powers for the first time to save a hostage. It has been made from the perspective of fans. Though the story is unrelated to any of the comic books, the filmmakers have tried their best to bring the true spirit of Miles' version of Spidey to life.

Marvel is known for bringing the comic characters on big screen through its cinematic universe's movies. Though the upcoming Spider-Man reboot won't be about Miles Morales, there is a significant chance that this newer version of Spidey may get featured in one of the movies.

At the end of the movie, Miles' mom mentions Fury (Director of SHIELD) and Miles was taken aback by his mention. Even the poster for the movie features the Avengers tower that is an iconic landmark in "The Avengers" movie franchise.