Racist rant of another

If the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing out the best in people, lending a helping hand to people in need, charity and such, there's a darker side that's prevailing too. Racism has always been a nuisance in the society, sadly existing even as we usher into new generations. Several incidents of of racism and hatred towards people of colour have been caught on tape, but sadly there's no end to it. One such incident that took place in the United States came to light, and shockingly, this time the racist rant was recorded by the person herself.

A radio host at a Nashua radio station posted a video on Facebook, where she goes on a relentless racist rant over some Spanish-speaking workers. The woman identified as Dianna Ploss, a conservative New Hampshire talk radio personality, goes on yelling and questioning the landscapers going about their assigned work.

'Speak English, this is America'

Plass, who is a self-proclaimed MAGA activist, is seen yelling at Hollis-based Morin's Landscaping workers, who were doing their job on the side of the road on Nashua's Main Street. Ploss was on her way to the station when she heard workers speak in Spanish to other Hispanic workers. Listening to this, she takes out her phone and goes live on Facebook to broadcast her racist behavior to the world.

Diana Ploss Facebook page
Diana Ploss Facebook pageScreenshot

"It is America. You should be speaking English," Ploss is heard saying in the video. Then she goes on shouting "English" repeatedly at the crew before she starts interrogating the workers. "Is anybody here illegal? Are these guys illegal?" she asked. 

During her rant, Ploss is interrupted by an unidentified man asking her why she is harassing the workers. The unidentified man said he could hear Ploss yelling at the workers from across the road where he was having lunch. 

To which, Ploss arrogantly said: the man "decided he was going to come over here and be a social justice warrior" then he "comes over from the other side because he's a Black man and he's going to protect the brown man from this white woman, who's practicing white privilege because she happened to walk by and heard this guy talking to all of these guys doing this work in Spanish."

She even refers to the workers as "illegal aliens" for speaking in Spanish.

Karma hits

Racist rant of another
Spanish workers harassed by white radio host

After Ploss posted the video on Facebook, it went viral and created an outrage among people. A petition was launched to get her fired from her show, which garnered over 10,000 signatures. On Sunday, WSMN Radio issued a statement on Ploss' departure.

"Dianna Ploss is no longer associated or affiliated in any way with WSMN or Bartis-Russell Broadcasting, LLC. We at WSMN value freedom of speech, freedom of expression and assembly. We will not tolerate discrimination, racism or hatred. We continue to present and offer on air opportunities for discussion, education and the exchange of opinions and ideas," the statement read.