The pandemic and lockdown have restricted gatherings and celebrations have been marred this year. Still, people are finding their own ways to keep the spirit of celebration alive, whether it's birthdays or festivals. 

Bollywood celebrities have been helming the front towards celebration helping fans stay motivated towards the celebration. Even Soundarya Sharma is making a celebration out of Eid far away from home. 

Soundarya Sharma celebrates Eid in LA

Actress Soundarya Sharma spread happiness by cooking Eid delicacies for her friends stuck here. "I have been thinking about my friends who are stuck here and can't celebrate Eid with their families and neither cook home-made food. Hence, I decided to prepare a variety of stuff for them and have it sent," she said.

Soundarya Sharma

Her menu has everything, from snacks to dessert. "I made dahi vada, pashtooni zarda pulao, and garnished it with saffron and rose water for the Eid flavour, made kili koodu and double ka meetha which is a dessert," The Bollywood actress said.

Soundarya Sharma
IANS photos

Be it making videos on DIY masks or distributing essentials to the needy or giving up her seat on the repatriation flight, Soundarya has been doing everything that she can during these tough times. Hopefully, once out of the crisis, celebrations will still hold the significance and joy they had for so long.