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A new research reveals why the average penis size is growing.Pixabay

A new research reveals why average penis size is growing. The research conducted by condom brand SKYN stated that males' genitals are growing and the increase in the size is around an inch.

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SKYN had joined hand with King's College London to carry out a study in 2016. The penises of 15,521 men were measured by the researchers. They found that the average size of erect penis of British men was 5.16 inches. Now, variations have been found in the results of a new survey carried out this year.

The penis size of people belonging to the age group of 18 to 34 was measured in the latest survey. And, it was found that the average size was 6.1 inches. Was this generation of men so genetically blessed? It was pretty hard to digest.

The reason behind this sudden growth could be a faulty survey for this research, which was conducted by SKYN. It involved 3,037 men who were sexually active. These participants were asked to fill an online form.

sex, men, penis, size, women,

The reason behind the noteworthy enlargement of their manhood's size was found to be none other than men exaggerating about their equipment and boast about it by saying it's bigger than it actually is.

It was found that men lied about their manhood's size according to almost every report so far, the actual measurements would always differ, according to a report by Mirror.

The scientists have recently shed light on the fact that the size does matter! The bigger they are the more satisfaction and orgasms they give to women. According to a data collected last year, the ideal length of erected penis women prefer is about 6.2 inches.

The researchers anyways concluded saying if humans are growing because of evolution, then their penises are too, as reported by Mirror.