Sonu Sood has turned out to be a messiah for migrant workers. He's been tirelessly working to get migrant workers home. Where everybody has been speaking about it, the actor has done something about it and has contributed a great deal, showing us the human side of the pandemic. 

Amidst all the work, the actor has been responding to distress calls on Twitter, and messages asking the actor to help. Every now and then the actor is also getting messages from some people who seem to have woes of their own, none that Sonu Sood can really solve though. But, he has responded with fitting comebacks. 

Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood has hilarious responses to lovers and those missing the liquor store

Sonu Sood has turned out to be the hero during the crisis. Perhaps there can be some heroes on reel who can be heroes in real life too. The Bollywood actor has been doing some great work for migrant workers and those stuck during the crisis resulting from the pandemic

On Twitter, Sonu has been replying to distress messages asking him for help. He's been replying tirelessly to those stuck and stranded in different parts of the country, doing his best to get them home. It truly is a massive feat.

The actor has been getting the odd message every once in a while with a humorous twist to their asks. More than getting them somewhere, Sonu is trying to put their worries to rest, his responses will make you laugh out loud. 

When a person asked the actor to help him get to a liquor store because he was stuck at home, Sonu responded, "Brother, I can get you from the store to home, that's for sure. Let me know if you need me to."

When a star-crossed lover came to Sonu with his woes, "Brother, just help me meet my girlfriend once...I just need to get to Bihar." The actor responded with a vote of confidence, "Stay away for a few days and see my brother...It'll be a test of true love too then." So much for distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

Someone thought out loud, "Now I just need to convince Sonu I stay in Goa." He gave her an idea, "So better convince me you stay in Switzerland...Who knows." 

Another brother pointed out a loophole in the actor's mission with a meme, "When you take your son out of the house, but Sonu Sood brings him back to your home." That would be awkward to say the least. All Sonu Sood could give him were his apologies. 

After all that, however, Sonu seems undeterred because, "I get the biggest awards every single day.. those smiles, those tears of joy."