Sonu Nigam and his wife at Deepika Padukone's reception
Sonu Nigam and his wife Madhurima at Deepika Padukone's receptionPR Handout

Deepika Padukone's father, Prakash Padukone is a huge fan of Sonu Nigam''s songs and listens to his tracks every night before sleeping.

When he met Sonu, he requested him to sing a few lines of his popular songs and Sonu readily agreed. He sang some of his most memorable numbers' 'Kal ho naa ho', 'and 'Abhi mujhme kahin' to name few.

It was a memorable evening and celebration, adds a source, "Sonu ji and Prakash ji met each other warmly and they have admired each other's careers. When he was requested to sing a few songs, he mesmerized the guests with some of his most soulful numbers" he signs off.