Sonu Nigam
Sonu NigamPR Handout

Sonu Nigam recently performed an elaborate act for Praful Patel's daughter Poorna Patel's sangeet ceremony. The singer who shares a warm relationship with the family made sure the performance was memorable, similar to the one he had done in Praful Patel's elder daughter's wedding almost 10 years ago.

The Patel's had an unforgettable experience when their elder daughter got married. Sonu had performed at the wedding and made sure the guests had a memorable evening. For Poorna Patel's sangeet ceremony also Sonu pulled off a grand act with an orchestra of 50 musicians and wowed the guests with his performance.

A source present at the ceremony says it was the grandest performance of the evening, "While a lot of prominent names performed, it was Sonu's performance that was the highlight of the evening. The 2 hour performance was nothing short of surreal. There was an orchestra of 50 musicians with an ultra modern technical team. At one point everyone was on the dance floor and even after 2 hours people wanted more" he said.