Salman Khan
Sona Mohapatra lashes out against Salman khan on TwitterInstagram Fan page

Singer Sona Mohapatra, who never minces her words when giving her opinion, took to her Twitter handle to lash out at Salman Khan after a Jodhpur court convicted the actor in blackbuck poaching case.

She wrote: "So...will daddy say sorry on his behalf? What will the suck-ups in the industry do? When's bail? When's the next block buster release? Dabangg 'concert' tour dates? Bigg Boss? Charity drives."

Sona has taken a dig at Salim Khan (Salman Khan's father here too) as he apologised on behalf of his son in the past. She also wrote: "Wasn't mean for the same family to sit by & watch me/my mom getting morphed into Porn sites, get gang rape threats by paid digital trolls ? For dad to say sorry when he should've to all those people he hurt in the past? Keep your judgement & shove it where the sun don't shine. [sic]"

She also wrote: "I am alongside the amazing Vishal Bharadwaj & the guilty #SalmanKhan today. #LalPariMastani"

And like always, the singer wasn't spared this time too. She is being trolled mercilessly on social media. One user wrote: "You all doing this for fame and to get your name out. Its all publicity. Your telling me you havent done something wrong in your life? The man has probably done more good to India then you will probably do in your life bunch of idiots for backing such crap."

She answers to all the trolls with some sensible replies. She wrote: "& this fake hero 'worship' has to end if #India has to progress & be a #smart & truly great nation. Such dangerous icons for the youth will only drag us down."

She also wrote: "Why don't you get in touch with the Santa Cruz police station where I spent several days last year in the 2 months that I was systematically trolled. Or maybe meet the cyber crimes unit & discuss my case before shooting your mouth off??"

This is not the first time Sona has raised her voice against Salman Khan. When the actor made the rape comment, Sona slammed him massively on social media in 2016. Post which the singer was trolled and abused. She had then written: "I HAVE BEEN MERCILESSLY TROLLED IN THE LAST 48 HOURS, WITH 1000'S OF RAPE THREATS, INUNDATED WITH MORPHED NAKED PORN IMAGES & THREATENED TO BE PUT OUT OF WORK."

She also wrote: "Women thrashed, people run over, wildlife massacred & yet #hero of the nation.'Unfair'.India full of such supporters"

While Salman Khan's supporters like Sonakshi Sinha, Sneha Ullal, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shilpa Shinde and others visited his residence April 5, others have kept quiet and refuse to comment on the ongoing legal case.

For those unaware, this is the fourth time Salman is spending his time in jail. In an interview held in 2008 with Koel Puri, when she asked, "What was your time in jail like?" Salman replied: "A lot of fun."

"I was blank. I was chilling. The only tension was the bathroom. That was it. [pause] And, the bin, and three, four times I have gone in and out of it. If someone wants to put you in, you go in quietly. When you know you haven't done it, you go in head high," he said in the 2008 episode of, On the Couch with Koel.

"The police custody here, yeah.. There were like nine or 10 rooms, and each room had 9-10 people in one room. One bathroom. One toilet. So that was...Then the rest of the space, the Central Jail. When you go to the judicial custody, you get your own suite there [smiles]."

Read the full interview here.