Are you a travel freak? Then plan your next trip to one of these beautiful island countries as they are really worth your time. These are the places which will keep your boredom at bay.

Have a look at some of the world's most beautiful island countries which you must visit at least once in life.

Ramla Bay
Ramla Bay, MaltaWikiCommons/William Shewring

Malta is a country that has a rich history and culture. This southern European nation in the Mediterranean Sea entices visitors with their amazing temples, high cliffs and hidden coves. There is a lot to explore in this country which has incredible architecture, including underground tunnels and walled cities.

Matinloc Island Beach, PhilippinesCreative Commons/glwx

Philippines is yet another beautiful country worth visiting. This nation has more than 7,000 unique islands and can be visited any time of the year. Some of the best must-see spots in the country include the Chocolate Hills and the Tubbataha Reef. Activities such as bird watching, diving and camping are also popular here.

Springbank Island, Australia.Creative Commons/Percita Dittmar

Australia literally has everything. The island nation has a lot of places to go and fantastic things to do. They have beaches, green forests, canyons and lot more. The island country also provides some of the world's best campsites. Never miss the chance to go to this wonderful nation.

Sunset in Maldives.Creative Commons/Ibrahim Iujaz

Maldives is among the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. It is situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and is a perfect place for those who are fond of adventures such as scuba diving, undersea coral watching, windsurfing and lot more. The country, best known for its atolls, has fascinating beaches and resorts. Those hunting for a honeymoon destination can book their tickets to the Maldives as it is a perfect place.

Varadero Beach, Cuba.Creative Commons/Emmanuel Huybrecht

Cuba is a fabulous island country in the Caribbean. It has almost everything you could imagine like white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and much more. This is a country that has rich culture and history to explore.

Bounty Island Beach, FijiCreative Commons/JaredWiltshire

Fiji is a beautiful island in the heart of the South Pacific. The country, which comprises of 333 tropical islands, is famous for its white sand beaches and soft coral diving. The country also has one of the world's best surf scenes. It is definitely a must visit place.

Rishiri Island, Japan.Creative Commons/Searobin

Japan is an island where the East meets the West. In Japan, one can experience different cultures, taste different food and much more. Also, do not forget to visit Tokyo, the capital of this lovely nation. The place offers various bars, restaurants and pubs. All shopaholics are also welcome to the "Land of the Rising Sun" as it is considered an ideal place for them.

Navagio Beach, Greece.Creative Commons/User:Alexignatiou

Greece is a country famous for its clean beaches. The nation has more than 1,400 islands and islets, of which only 169 are actually inhabited. Some of the must visit Greek islands include Crete island, Mykonos island and Corfu island. This place also has many archaeological and historical places to visit.