Chandra Pratap Singh

Our country proudly owns one of the richest and most vast heritage and so do we have in numerous people dedicated to preserving and passing this heritage to the coming generation to appreciate the roots they are associated with. Chandra Pratap Singh, popularly known as Pratap Raj from the Bundelkhand region, is among these people. He is proud of the heritage that comes from legends like Rani Laxmi Bai, Scindias, and many such heroes. The region is not only famous for Bravehearts but also for the fine architecture, literature, and various art forms that are on the brink of diminishing if not paid attention to.

He has a keen interest in Indian history and has been researching particularly on the Bundelkhand region. To promote the regional richness of art and literature, he has been organizing the Bundelkhand Literature Festival for the last few years, which he views as the beginning of preserving and passing the Bundelkhand's heritage and culture to the younger generation. In the midst of today's society, where the complete focus is shifting toward materialistic possessions, his efforts had to face many difficulties in becoming a reality, but ultimately the result of his efforts is present today in the form of the Bundelkhand Literature Festival.

Not only has he been working day and night to preserve the culture but also working for the welfare of farmers of the region. Bundelkhand has traditionally seen enormous difficulties for farmers in the form of weather and lack of modernization of agriculture. In this context, keeping in mind the various agricultural-related problems of the farmers of Bundelkhand, Pratap Raj has established Kisan Agro Mart (KAM). Kisan Agro Mart has been established in Bundelkhand to help the farmers struggling with the changing weather patterns. Under which work is being done to provide all facilities to the farmers under one roof. Along with this, by adding the page of the farmers' seminar to the Bundelkhand Literature Festival, he handed it over completely to the native residents of Bundelkhand and the general public.

An alumnus of Delhi University, he has taken steps to keep primary and secondary education effective in villages and towns and to make the children of towns a part of a momentous education system, considering education as a primary necessity. Under which he has adopted Government Upper Primary School (Chowmasi), Government Higher Secondary School (Jal Talla), and Government Higher Secondary School Sita Gaon (Bharatpur) so that he can participate in improving the basic education system as much as possible. He is also associated with Robin Hood Army, the group known for collecting restaurant food to help it reach people in need. He says 'This is an area which needs immediate attention. We come from a culture that worships food because it is hard-earned, but at the same time, we are wasting a huge quantity of food in these restaurants, which is not only a misuse of resources but also harming the environment, this food can be utilized for a very generous cause, that's what Robinhood Army does.

A literature lover has learned a lot from Indian literature, which has made him sensitive toward humanities and human values. He founded the Silent Chamber Foundation as he feels that inculcating moral values at a young age is important. His foundation helps to inculcate moral values in underprivileged children through various methods.

He has also been trying to bring the focus of the nation to the region, which was once the center of political and cultural activities. He has been able to catch the attention of the entertainment as well as a political class for his efforts to give his best services to his motherland.