Saudi Arabia is known for its vast deserts and scorching heat, which is why it comes as a surprise to many when reports of snowfall in Saudi Arabia emerge online. That's exactly what happened last week when there was heavy snowfall in parts of Saudi Arabia, especially the north-eastern regions such as the Dahr Mountains. It even triggered a climate change debate and whatnot, but snowfall in Saudi Arabia is not a rare occurrence.

Tabuk's northern region was affected by a polar wave and heavy snowfall, which capped the mountains in thick blanket of snow on Thursday night. While many reported the snowfall in Saudi Arabia's Tabuk Mountains, the aftermath was equally beautiful and mesmerizing.

Snow covered in Sand

Tiramisu desert?

Nature has a funny way of leaving humans spellbound. Following the snowfall, sand blew over the Tabuk Mountain to form a perfect Tiramisu. A video showing the snow-covered with layers of sand has gone viral on social media. Watching the man break the sand layer to show snow and another layer of sand below instantly reminded netizens of their favorite dessert Tiramisu, which has a similar setting.

It is oddly satisfying to watch snow underneath a layer of sand. Check it out below:

Snowfall in Saudi Arabia

Contrary to reports, snowfall in Saudi Arabia is an annual phenomenon, which takes place in northern regions. The winters are celebrated by locals and tourists visit the mountainous regions to enjoy various seasonal activities such as camping, sledding and hiking. Visit Saudi's official website encourages tourists to visit the northern regions during the winters as the snowcapped mountains aren't to be missed.