Sister Wives
Will 'Sister Wives' divorce affect the polygamist family?Facebook/Sister Wives

Meri's divorce from Kody in "Sister Wives" is one of the most talked-about topics in the TV world at present.

Fans of the reality series are eager to know the impact of new legal restrictions on a polygamist family and if Meri will have power struggles.

During the finale of "Sister Wives" Season 5, Kody's first wife managed to convince her family members to believe that nothing will change due to her selfless decision.

But she shared her anxiety on Twitter, where she wrote, "I will be having power struggles now. I mean, who's in charge? 1st wife or legal wife? LOLOL!"

The post attracted many of her fans, who were keen to know more about the family's legal restructuring and its effects, to comment on it. The curious responses to her tweet ranged from "Do you feel any different? Either of you?" to "will she divorce if & when the adoption is done and u can hve ur rightful placeback?"

Meanwhile, some twitteritis suggested Meri to fight it out. Christine and Robyn took the opportunity to have some fun and started entertaining fans with interesting replies.

As a reply to the fans, Robyn wrote, "Hmmm....Arm wrestle? wait! I will lose! ROFL! This is too funny. :-P"; and Christine commented, "go ahead. I'll be the referee."

Later, Kody's third wife informed the fans of "Sister Wives" that divorce will not change their relationship. "Nothing has changed in our family in regards to the divorce and marriage. Actually, I think we have a closer bond because of it," she tweeted.