Naman Arora

Naman Arora has been making headlines for his voice. The profoundness with which he sings a song touches us. Many budding artists are taking motivation from him and his journey, but do you want to know who inspires him to take his singing career to the next level?

From each song we are introduced to it's quite obvious that he has had a huge interest in music since his adolescence. Talking about the singers that he admires the most, he said, "I take a lot of inspiration from the celebrated Bollywood singer Mohammad Rafi Sahab. His voice is so soothing and soulful that by listening to his voice, you tend to zone out for a while. He was such a versatile singer."

"I also love listening to the legendary singer Kishor Kumarji. His voice is so clear that it blends in perfectly with every musical genre," the singer further added. Naman also revealed that he draws inspiration from legendary singers Suresh Wadkar and Kumar Sanu.

Talking about the song that is closest to his heart, he says, "Mohammed Rafi's song, 'Din Dhal Jaaye,' is my favourite because it'sm an emotional number and the lyrics of that song stir deep within my heart."

He says that there are a few international singers as well who inspire him to dive into the oceanic world of music. Speaking of which, he highlights the names of Akon and Bruno Mars. These singers are an inspiration for all of us, aren't they?

He expresses through his singing an emotional side of himself. He has been singing since a very young age. He has released a few music singles that instantly took over the hearts of more than a thousand people. These songs are Suit Punjabi, Tera Rang, Raah Kar Da, Pta Mainu and Main Shayar