Sidhharrth S Kumaar
Sidhharrth S Kumaar

When a problem comes our way, or we can't succeed in an endeavor no matter how hard we try, we tend to ask the question "Why god? Why?" Nevertheless, we fail to understand that God has put some highly intuitive and skilled humans to help their kind answer this question of why?

Sidhharrth S Kumaar is an astrologist and numerologist and is well-known in the world of both astrology and numerology. He started learning at the age of 6 and has dedicated one and a half-decade of research and study on the subject. He has been practicing since 2013 and is said to be one of the leading fifth-generation astrologer with the knowledge of the ancient mantras and yantras. He has a bachelor's degree in pharmacy, and when combined with his learnings of numerology studies, he serves as a traditional and modern astrologer and numerologist.

He has dedicated his life towards reimaging occult science as a corporate strategy he says, "Occult science is not just a technique to bring success in your life. It is an inherent part of our journey to be a better version of ourselves keeping the future in mind."

Due to high recommendations and popularity, he says he has been summoned by celebrities and business personalities to make changes in their brand name, or even advice in redesigning their logos, or adding a number to the names of the companies, he has covered it all. Of all his clients, more than 90% have achieved otherwise unexpected success, he claims.

However, it is still hard to understand how numerology can revolutionize the corporate world. Psychometric Tests are used when the aptitude of an employee is being discussed. They help the employer to assess the employee on various aspects like logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, etc. Sidhharrth has reimagined this Psychometric assessment by supplementing the information based on numerology and occult sciences. He mentions that our date of birth, name, birth order and time have a vital impact on our psyche and personality and since this cannot be changed, this can be used as a metric to assess the workforce. This can be used by companies to hire across all levels. Nevertheless, Psychometric Tests, if supplemented with numerology assessments, can prove to be more efficient when recruiting a senior-level workforce because it will help dive into the psychology of the person and hence will help make the right choice. Moreover, because of the high competition, it is hard for companies to find the right fit for the job, if companies resort to numerological assessments, it will prove more beneficial to find the right person with the right type of mind frame for the job.

When asked how he achieves results in the field of work he replies, "I consider the overall growth of an individual, be it an actor or a businessman when they come to me for suggestions. Making note of the very basic things in their lifestyle, from their name or their birth date, I make trivial changes so that they could achieve what they dreamt of."