Siddharth, who has been seeing Samantha for a few years, has reportedly broken up with the actress. 

As per reports, Siddharth and Samantha, who were getting ready to tie the knot, have parted ways. The reason behind the break-up is not yet known. 

Siddharth and Samantha
A picture of Siddharth with Samantha.IB Times India

Samantha and Siddharth fell in love during the making of Telugu movie "Jabardust". They are said to have been serious about each other and had decided to get married once the actress wrapped up all her committed projects.

Even though they had never officially admitted that they were in love, the actors, in separate interviews gave hints about the special persons in their lives. However, after Samantha and Siddharth were spotted together at Kalahasti temple in 2013, it was more or less confirmed that they were together. 

The duo has now split and the actress wants to concentrate on her career.

"The whole experience has been painful for her. It's probable that she'll just focus on her career right now and it's highly unlikely that she'll be in any relationship soon. Because this is the end of a very solid, long-term relationship. She will take time to recover," a source close to Samantha told Deccan Chronicle.

However, Samantha has taken Twitter to express her unhappiness over the reports. She wrote, "The article in the DC makes me look like the victim.I am not.Siddharth is a great guy. Media stop taking sides. This is personal. STOP"