In a shocking piece of news, Abhinav Kohli has claimed that his son has gone missing. Abhinav Kohli has said that he has been unable to trace his four-year-old son Reyaansh since October 25. Abhinav alleged that Shweta had left their son with him when she had tested positive for corona. However, after getting better, she took him away and has been untraceable since then.

Talking about how he has tried to reach Shweta at home and on sets, but to no avail, Abhinav has urged people clicking selfies with her to get his son back. "Since Sunday (October 25), my son Reyaansh has been missing. I don't know where he is. He was with me for 40 days all the time. But since last Sunday, Shweta has taken my son, Reyaansh to an undisclosed location without telling me. Since, Sunday I have been chasing Shweta on phone, messages and I personally went to her house also, but she is not meeting or taking my calls. In fact, she has blocked me. It has been five days, I haven't seen my boy, not heard his voice. I tried every way possible," he told TOI.

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Shweta Tiwari with Abhinav Kohli, daughter Palak Tiwari and son ReyaanshInstagram

Abhinav further said, "I went to her sets as well with the expectation that maybe she is ignoring me, but at least I will get to see my son. I recorded the video also to keep a proof of our recording, but she did not tell me anything. My message was also passed to her on her sets but she didn't respond and vanished with the baby. Suddenly, he has disappeared from my life and I have become dead for him. For the last 40 days he was with me."

Talking about his son might having Covid, he further said that since Shweta and her family members refused to take care of his son, she brought Reyaansh to his place. The next day, Kohli says, Reyaansh had high fever too. But Shweta insisted on not getting him tested saying he couldn't have it.