Shruti Haasan is staying at her apartment in Mumbai ever since the government imposed the lockdown across the country. The actress-musician is alone and the 34-year old do not complain about it as she is connecting with the people like never before.

Shruti Haasan
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In an interview with The Times of India, Shruti Haasan has claimed that she never had courage in life to be alone before, but she has been all alone during the lockdown, which is a new discovery for her. Earlier, the Vedalam girl required company even to spend time for two hours earlier.  "I'd imagine that I'd see this version of me one day, and I am glad that that day has come. I am ready for my own company. Because I enjoy my own company, I am better company for others," the daily quotes her as saying.

'I am more in touch with people than I have ever been in my entire life'
When asked whether she is missing her family and friends, the actress claims that she is connecting with her loved ones than she had ever been in her entire life.

"I am more in touch with people than I have ever been in my entire life. I do miss my family and friends, but I am not a very physical person. If I don't get cuddles and snuggles, I am fine. But you never know, maybe I will go out after the lockdown ends, have a hug and break down," the multilingual actress says.

Shruti Haasan
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The break has also helped her to learn cooking. Shruti Haasan continues, "I lived in America for a while and could never make sambar for myself. Ever since I came back, I learnt to cook with a vengeance, and this lockdown offered me the opportunity to cook with whatever I have,"

On the work front, she was part of her father Kamal Haasan's pandemic anthem 'Arivum Anbum.' She is now keeping herself busy with music-related works and acting has apparently taken a backseat.