I'm back baby
Shroud returns to TwitchIBT Creative

World-renowned streamer Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek had decided to leave Twitch to stream exclusively on Mixer. But when Microsoft decided to shut down Mixer in June and gave streamers the option to continue with Facebook Gaming or return to Twitch. Well, Shroud chose Twitch and he finally made his return to the streaming platform to see a welcoming community on the platform.

Even before the stream started, nearly half a million followers waited with bated breath to welcome their favourite streamer. Attracting 500,000 active viewers on his stream is a grand way to mark his return. Now, all thanks to Shroud, Valorant's viewership is through the roof and currently the most-viewed on Twitch charts.

A warm welcome

Shroud is back
Shroud is backScreenshot/Twitch

Shroud fired up Riot's new tactical shooter Valorant as he began streaming on Twitch after over a year. He did hit a snag, which caused some delay in starting his stream on time, but the followers didn't mind. He's been maintaining 400,000 to 475,000 active viewers.

Shroud was able to retain his original Twitch account, which commanded a 7.3 million strong follower base. The former professional CS:GO player moved on to streaming other games such as the Valorant that he's currently streaming.

Moreover, fans couldn't miss his new goatee look as it became the talking point for netizens on social media. So what you think of Shroud's new look? How excited are you by his return to Twitch?