In a shocking incident in the national capital, a woman's body was found dumped outside a hotel in a carton. The police have arrested a 34-year-old man for allegedly murdering the woman in New Usmanpur area of northeast Delhi. 

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Woman's body dumped in a carton 

The Delhi Police have also arrested a friend of the accused of helping him dumping the body outside the hotel. 

According to the reports, the accused have been identified as Nazir, a resident of Shastri Park, and his 22-year-old friend Anil Singh from New Seelampur.

Police received the information at 5.21 pm on Monday on a body of a woman, aged 25, lying on a footpath in front of Hotel D-Aqua in Shastri Park.

According to a police officer, the body was found stuffed in a carton. She was wearing a scarf around the neck. 

The police have been analysing multiple CCTV footage from nearby areas during the course of the investigation. In one of the footages, said the officers, they found two men on a motorbike dumping a large box on the spot.

One among them was identified as Nazir, who was also earlier involved in a criminal case in the Kotwali area in the past. 

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Police recovers victim's mobile phone 

"Raids were conducted at various places and the accused were arrested from CPJ block, New Seelampur area," said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Northeast) Ved Prakash Surya.

The DCP also added that a mobile phone used by the deceased woman was recovered at the instance of Nazir from a drain in front of a government school in Shastri Park.

The police stated that during the interrogation, it was revealed that Nazir and the woman were known to each other. On the day of the incident, she came to his shop at Shastri Park after which an argument broke out between them, police said.

Nazir got annoyed and strangulated her with her scarf, added the DCP. He then placed the body in a carton and called his friend Singh for disposing it in front of the hotel.