Last month, a food rate chart of the Indian Parliament canteen went viral on social media after journalist Prashant Kanojia drew comparisons with the steep hike in JNU hostel charges. Even though the viral rate card was proven to be almost four years old, even the new prices of food in Parliament canteen was comparatively cheaper than market rates.

The low prices of canteen food in both Parliament houses were a result of subsidy. But on Thursday, a Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla announced that all subsidy on food in Parliament canteens has been ended effective immediately, PTI reported.

The decision was taken after it was proposed at the meeting of the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) by the Lok Sabha Speaker. All the members of the Parliament (MPs) unanimously agreed to forgo subsidy on canteen food in the Parliament houses. The decision was unanimous and this results in food items to be sold at regular prices as in the market.

The Indian Parliament building
The Indian Parliament building is reflected in a puddle after heavy rain during the monsoon session of the Indian Parliament in New Delhi on July 20, 2018. (Photo by Prakash SINGH / AFP)PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images

As a result of this decision, the Parliament House would save a whopping Rs 17 crore annually, which was paid towards the subsidy. While the new rates are yet to be revealed, here's a look at the previous rate list of various food items sold in the Parliament canteen.

  • Tea/Coffee: Rs 5
  • Bread Butter: Rs 6
  • Vada Plate: Rs 12
  • Veg Cutlet: Rs 18
  • Poha Upma: Rs 18
  • Bonda: Rs 7
  • Soup: Rs 14
  • Veg Thali: Rs 35
  • Kesri Bhat: Rs 24
  • Veg Curry: Rs 7
  • Dal: Rs 5
  • Chapati: Rs 2
  • Kheer: Rs 18
  • Salad: Rs 9
  • Chicken Curry: Rs 50
  • Chicken Biryani: Rs 65
  • Chicken Dry: Rs 60
  • Mutton Curry: Rs 40

The Parliament canteen is only open to MPs, former MPs, officers, the staff of Parliament and visitors holding a valid pass. The low cost of Parliament canteen food drew public's ire back in 2015 after it was revealed that the food served there was subsidised to the extent of 80 percent of its cost. The Parliament canteen's rate list was revised in January 2016, which almost doubled the older prices, but still sold at a lower than market price.

chicken curry
Prices of Parliament canteen food will be revisedWikimedia Commons

IndiaToday had compared old rates with the new rates of some of the food items on the Parliament canteen menu. Check it out below:

Food Items Old rate New rate (Jan. 1, 2016)
Mutton Curry Rs 20 Rs 45
Chicken Curry Rs 29 Rs 50
Matter Paneer Curry Rs 20 Rs 35
Veg Meal Rs 18 Rs 35
Non-veg Meal Rs 33 Rs 71
Lunch Three Course Rs 61 Rs 106
Veg Sandwich Rs 3 Rs 12
Veg Biryani Rs 12 Rs 24
Chicken Biryani Rs 51 Rs 65
Omelette Rs 10 Rs 18