Rabi Pirzada
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The incident of private leaked pictures and videos of Rabi Pirzada had sent the Pakistani singer in a state of shock. Post the unfortunate leaks, the singer announced that she has quit the showbiz and would now follow the path of Allah to repent her sins. And now, in another shocking event, her private videos have found their way to the adult sites as well.

Several porn sites have been showing uncensored pictures and videos of Rabi that are now being consumed by online users to a great extent.

Rabi was totally shattered after her private pictures and videos got leaked online. The explicit content was being widely circulated through messaging apps. She later released a video on her YouTube channel talking about the tragedy to that occurred to her at the beginning of the month of November.

Speaking her heart out in the video, a disturbed Rabi said in her statement that her 'private video leaked' incident marks rebirth in her life and from now onwards, her life is dedicated to Allah and his teachings. She also wished the culprits to be punished for their wrongdoings and requested her fans and well-wishers to pray for her.

"From today onwards, my aim is 'after life'. For me, it's too easy to disappear in the limelight of showbiz but now I am scored for my life hereafter. There are so many examples right in front of us where people were turned back to the sins that stand wrong for me. So many people like me are out there who are misguided but unaware. If they can learn from me, may be Allah forgive me in charity of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)," Rabi said in a statement.