A group of men alleged to be Congress workers thrashed a woman party leader in Uttar Pradesh for questioning the candidature for the upcoming bypolls of a man, who she accused of being a rapist.

According to sources, the woman identified as Tara Yadav protested over the ticket given to Congress candidate Mukund Bhaskar Mani Tripathi from Deoria.

Tara Yadav

Tara Yadav claimed that the party gave the ticket to a wrong person who is 'a rapist

According to Congress leader Tara yadav, Secretary Sachin Naik has given the ticket to the wrong man and 'this will spoil the image of the party in the society. Give it to someone with a good character', she was beaten up.

"On one hand, our party leaders are fighting for justice for Hathras Case victim, and on the other hand, party ticket is being given to a rapist. It is a wrong decision. It will malign the image of our party," said Tara Yadav.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma, on Sunday, said that she will be taking cognizance of the issue. "How all these sick minded people come in politics...??" she asked on Twitter.

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