Kid tortured in China
Nursery staff tied a kid onto a chair in ChinaYoutube/screenshot

A shocking footage showing a toddler being brutally tied to a chair by teachers at a nursery in China has emerged online. The video shows three staff from the Ctrip Nursery in Shanghai forcefully tying a kid onto a chair.

The three staffs were later detained after the video showing them brutally tying a kid surfaced online, but the identities of the people are not released. The management of the nursery even apologised to furious parents on Thursday.

Sun Jie, president of Ctrip group, apologised to the parents and admitted that they did not raise the issue earlier when another shocking incident of staff torturing kids had emerged online. In a statement issued on Weibo, Jie said that they have collected all the evidence against the employees.

The CCTV footage, which was shared by the local media Beijing Time, showed three staffs tying the boy, while another looking after other children. One of the staffs later made the boy stand with the chair tied around him. The boy cried and struggled to stand straight.

"There are parents who watched the footage seeing their children got their arms dislocated because they were not taking a nap after lunch," web user YeZi_perryYeh, whose children study in the same nursery, said.

This is the latest incident from the same nursery that has shocked everyone. Earlier, a video showing the staff violently beating kids and force-feeding them wasabi to keep them quiet had received criticism. The viral footage showed the staff beating children less than two years old. The videos were filmed on November 1 and November 3 and are now going viral in China.

Meanwhile, another shocking incident from an established nursery in Shanghai has led to the sacking of school's headmaster as well as a teacher. A cleaner was also sacked after the abuse video surfaced online, Mail Online reported.