A recent Instagram post by Britney Spears has infuriated Beyonce's fans, also known as her Beyhive. It all started with Britney posted a picture along with a caption that referred to her as Queen B.

The post contained a picture of a bee sketch along with the caption, "To all my fans who call me Queen  B, I believe this would be more accurate  !!!!!"

A lot of Britney's fans call her 'Queen' on her posts, guess the 'Prerogative' singer did not realise the difference between Queen and Queen B and confused the two terms. The term Queen B or Queen Bey is used by Beyonce and her fans worldwide.

Naturally, the fan armies were not going to sit quietly and lashed out at the singer. There were comments like, "Beyoncé is Queen B, don't get it twisted Brit," and "Shots fired beehive". There were some comical elements too, like "Beyoncé has left the chat."

Fans also wrote, "I love you but I believe that label is for Beyoncé."

But as Beyonce's fans were attacking Britney, her own fans started defending her caption. Many supportive comments started pouring in, like "Beyoncé who? U're the real queen."

While the fan armies fight between each other, there have never been any reports of animosity between the two singers ever. In fact, back in 2004, Beyonce and Britney had starred together in a Pepsi commercial. This was a time when Britney was at the peak of her career and Beyonce had just quit her band, Destiny's Child and started her solo career.

Britney Spears Instagram

Britney had also used Beyonce's reference as a caption for one of her posts a few months ago. She had written, "If I want to post a picture with the same outfit three times….I will do so and take note from Beyonce because I am FLAWLESS!!!!!! But seriously keep your mean comments to yourselves."

Seems like a clear misunderstanding.