Benafsha Soonawala
Benafsha Soonawalainstagram

Benafsha Soonawalla, who was one of the most popular contestants in Bigg Boss 11, has often shared bikini pictures of hers on Instagram. However, of late, the gorgeous lady had stopped sharing pictures of hers in a two-piece suit.

While one may wonder it has something to do with trolls, the reality star took to Instagram to reveal the reason behind it. Sharing a long post on the social media platform with a picture of hers in a golden coloured bikini, Benafsha revealed that she had lost 1000 followers the last time she posted one and hence has been avoiding uploading more such pictures.

Meanwhile, Benafsha has been in news because of the alleged fight between her boyfriend and actor Priyank Sharma and producer-actor Vikas Gupta at a 5-star hotel gym. Benafsha was also present at the venue when the fight took place. A source told SpotboyE that the reality star, instead of calming the two furious men down like many other bystanders, tried to prove that her boyfriend was innocent and that he never hits anyone unless provoked.

For the uninitiated, Priyank and Vikas' fight started when Vikas was working out in the hotel's gym and Priyank walked in. After some time Priyank followed Vikas towards the locker room and tried to block the latter's way. "Priyank put his hand on the wall and blocked Vikas's way when he tried to leave the locker room. Vikas asked him to get aside but Priyank would not budge," an eye-witnessed told the web-portal.

Vikas and Priyank's differences started making news when the former went on record revealing his harrowing experience working with Priyank on Puncch Beat. Priyank's alleged unprofessional behaviour had forced the producer to drop the idea of making Puncch Beat 2.