A video, showing a teenager mercilessly abusing a dog, has drawn outrage from internet users, leading to the arrest of two juveniles for animal abuse.

Facebook user Coats Keshawn on Tuesday posted a video that shows a young man abusing and beating a dog on a lawn, while another person, who is recording the gruesome act, is heard laughing, as if he was having fun. The pet dog was pulled up high and slammed on the ground multiple times.

St. Louis County Police took up the matter on Thursday after social media users expressed their outrage and concern over the video. Two juveniles - the person seen in the video and the cameraman - have been arrested on charge of animal abuse.

The mother of one of the accused also expressed shock at the way her son behaved. She stated that she never thought her son could do something like that.

"Yea I'm shocked about what happened because you know I didn't think my son could do something like that, no way," she told Fox 2. 

Brian Schellman, spokesman of St. Louis County Police, said in a statement that the department "takes these incidents very seriously and we have a zero tolerance approach towards the inhumane treatment of animals."

The arrested juveniles have been sent to the St. Louis County Family Court. The puppy has been seized by animal control to examine if it suffered any injury. Police said that the dog will be put up for adoption later.