Shilpa Shinde
Shilpa Shinde in Bigg Boss 11Twitter

As #MeToo movement is gaining momentum in India, Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde says that it is useless to talk about sexual harassment encounters that happened in the past. The former Angoori bhabhi, who had accused Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai producer Sanjay Kohli of sexual harassment last year, said that people should report the incident whenever it occurs.

"It's rubbish. You have to take a call that time only, it's simple. You should speak about that matter that time only. Even I got a lesson. Jab hota hai, tabhi bolo - baad mei bolne ka koi faayeda nahi (Whenever it occurs, speak about it then and there - there's no point in speaking about it later), it's useless," Shilpa Shinde told Zoom TV.

She added, "Baad mei aap voice raise karte ho, usko koi nahi sunega, just controversy hogi – nothing else. You have to take a call that time only when it happens and obviously, you need power."

Shilpa further said that it is unfair to single out the entertainment industry as sexual harassment is prevalent in every industry.

"This industry is not bad and it's not very good. Everywhere these things happen. I don't know why khud hi industry ka naam kharaab kar rahe hai (why people are ruining the name of their own industry). So those who are working and they got work – sab hi log kharaab hai? Aisa nahi hai (Everyone is a predator, No, it's not like that), it totally depends on you. Aapse saamne waala insaan kaise react karta hai, aap usko kaise answer karte ho (It depends on how the other person is reacting and how you are responding to them). It's totally a give and take policy," Shilpa said.

She added, "Women are speaking now but at that time also I said that there's no rape in this industry - zabardasti nahi hota (Nobody forces you). Whatever has happened in our industry, it's a mutual understanding. It's a mutual thing. If you are not ready to do that, just leave that thing."

When Shilpa was asked to comment on #MeToo movement, she said that the industry is going to function as it and nothing will be changed.

"Honestly I don't want to talk about it. I feel whatever is happening today - it's something different – nothing will be changed. It will go on and on and on. I don't know why they are spoiling our industry's name. People are now talking about our industry – ki aisa hota hai, waisa hota hai," she said.

Recalling an incident about a new girl who came for an audition, Shilpa said, "There was one girl who came to our sets wearing such short clothes. I asked her why are you wearing this, she said I have just come for a meeting. I said you know you have come for a TV show and asked her how protagonists are dressed in a TV show. She was very innocent and very simple, I asked who suggested her to wear those clothes and who told her that if you wear these kinds of clothes you will get work? Not necessary. If you are talented, you will get to work. You don't need to wear these kinds of clothes or do something else or something different. She got to know that and she said I am sorry. She had no idea. They just think that you have to look glamorous and we all know how men are. It's simple – it's everywhere. Koi saamne se aa raha hai toh koi bhi aadmi mana nahi karta (Why would a man refuse if girls themselves surrender to their demands). I think you have to draw your own line."