Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor
The unnatural nature of Pushkar's death is the reason for registering a murder case.Reuters

Police commissioner of Delhi B S Bassi has said that senior Congress member Shashi Tharoor will be questioned in the coming days in connection with the alleged murder of his 51-year-old wife Sunanda Pushkar.

A notice has been served to the MP to join the investigative process under Section 160 of the CrPC, reported Times Now. 

However, on receiving the notice, Tharoor informed the police that he will join the investigative process within a day or two, as he is not in town. 

The past one year has not seen any major development in the mysterious death of Pushkar, apart from a case of murder being filed after the postmortem report revealed that she was poisoned. 

Tharoor and Pushkar are said to have been quarrelling before Pushkar's death over the Congress MP's alleged affair with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar. This argument is said to be one of the causes behind Pushkar's death. 

Additionally, the politician also reportedly spent three days with Tarar in Dubai before his wife's death. 

Senior television journalist Nalini Singh who was a close friend of Pushkar's in her statement told the police that Pushkar had told her about this hours before her death. Pushkar told Singh that Tarar had told Tharoor that she couldn't live without him.

Narain Singh, Tharoor's domestic help, had also recently in his statement to the police said that the couple had constantly been fighting for over a year before her death. Singh in his statement also revealed that someone called 'Katy' would often be addressed to during these fights.