Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu's solid marriage has strengthened our belief in the institution of marriage. Despite coming from two stark opposite backgrounds, the two overcame all odds to stand rock solid with each other. And years down the line, not only has Kunal made a place in every Pataudi's heart but has become an indispensable part of the family. Let's take you back to the time when Sharmila Tagore met Kunal for the first time.

Sharmila Tagore, Soha, Kunal
Sharmila Tagore, Soha, KunalInstagram

In an old interview, Soha had revealed that she first spoke about Kunal with Sharmila Tagore. She said she had never interacted with Mansoor Ali Khan about boys and hence talking about Kunal directly with him was out of the question. So, she first spilled the beans about her relationship with Kunal to her mother who readily agreed to meet him. However, the meeting was not exactly how they had hoped it would be.

Sharmila Tagore and kunal kemmu

"I would've never told my father directly because we didn't have discussions about boys. I relied on my mother to tell him. I must've told her and she is very liberal and trusting of my choices and not overly concerned. She met Kunal on the sets of 99 and unfortunately, he was doing a scene in which he had to wear a pink bathrobe," Soha told HT in an old interview. She further added that Tagore liked him instantly as he is quite good with mothers.

About how Kunal breached the topic to his parents, Kemmu said it was uncomfortable for him as that was the first time he was telling them about seeing a woman. He also added that he used to get nervous around Sharmila Tagore in the earlier days but loved hanging out with Saif Ali Khan.