Shami Witness ran one of the most influential ISIS Twitter accounts. He was in regular touch with ISIS recruits from Britain and other countries.
The controversial ISIS-affiliated Twitter account of 24-year-old Bangaluru executive, Mehdi Masroor Biswas was reactivated on Sunday.Twitter

The controversial ISIS-affiliated Twitter account of 24-year-old Bengaluru executive, Mehdi Masroor Biswas, was reactivated on Sunday evening, sending members of the micro-blogging site into a tizzy.

An automatically generated tweet was posted at 5:40pm on Sunday announcing that his tweets and his friend's replies had all be saved using an application called 'Tweet Download', local tabloid Bangalore Mirror reported.

It is unusual for a controversial Twitter account, which is known to affiliate with a terrorist organisation to be reactivated at any point.

According to rumours doing rounds on the internet, the account could have been reactivated by Bengaluru police in order to investigate and scale through all of his tweets and conversations.

Soon after the account was briefly reactivated (it is not longer active now), conspiracy theories began swirling in with many people surmising that another IS supporter might have taken over the account. Others thought that the Western intelligence Services might have been trying to scrutinise each of his followers to take lead into the investigation.

The controversial account – which is thought to be one of the biggest to be affiliated with the Sunni hardliner group – could possibly give police information about new recruits and some ground-level western fighters.

Other unconfirmed reports stemming from conspiracy theories say that Mehdi could be an intelligence agent planted in order to filter out real jihadists. The sequence of events could be part of an elaborate CIA plan to get greater access to information regarding the extremist outfit.