Taking view of the various situations in Karnataka, including 40 percent commission business to several acres of land being illegally occupied, Aam Aadmi Party in Karnataka has raised serious concerns and demands action. Highlighting the fact the Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai has set up investigating committee to look into various corruption charges, Prithvi Reddy, AAP State President has pointed out that it is a sign of lack of trust in his ministers.

Reddy expressed anger over the fact that an investigating committee needs to be formed to keep tabs on the work, which should otherwise be done without hassles. He said this is a shameful situation for the ruling party in the state while suggesting a cabinet reshuffle.

"Shameful situation"; AAP calls for cabinet reshuffle in K'taka [here's why]

"Forming an investigating committee to keep a check on work and progress is in itself a very shameful situation. Instead, the cabinet must be reshuffled by removing the corrupt ministers and including trustworthy and honest ministers." An infuriated Reddy said during a press conference held at the Press Club in Bengaluru.

No trust in govt investigating agencies, too

Reddy also pointed out that the state government hired a foreign investigation agency to probe the matter of several acres of land realted to KIADB have been illegally occupied. He noted that CM Bommai's decision to get outside counsel instead of in-house help is a clear sign of distrust even in the government agencies of the country.

Basavaraj Bommai
Basavaraj BommaiIANS

"188 Industrial parks and several acres of land realted to KIADB have been illegally occupied and vacant. For investigating into this matter, the state government has hired a foreign investigating agency. This shows the distrust the state government has in Lokayukta, CID, CBI or other investigating agencies that are in our country." Reddy said.

Echoing Reddy's sentiments, AAP State Media Convenor Jagadish V Sadam questioned "Why tenders below the value of Rs 50 crores do not fall under the purview of the tenders investigating committee? What is the purpose or the intent behind investigating only those tenders whose value is more than 50 crores? The Government's decision in this regard indicates that they is scope for corruption in low value tenders."

AAP Head, Channappa Gowda was present amongst others during this press conference.