The social media is not really a forgiving place. These days, anything and everything offends, disturbs or annoys anyone. And when it comes to our Bollywood celebrities, the fury of the troll army is never within boundaries. So when Huma Qureshi decided to share a cocktail idea, little did she how she would be slammed for it. Huma shared a picture with a cocktail and a bottle of alcohol and shared the way of making the drink.

Huma Qureshi
Huma QureshiInstagram

"When Mumbai's winter afternoons still feel like summer you fix yourself a refreshing Johnnie Lemon Hiighball Here's how I got this lovely drink going....Filled a highball glass way lots of ice Pour 50 ml of Johnnie Walker..Top it with 120 ml Lemonade Finally, dropped in a lemon wedge and voila! @johnniewalkerindia #spon #johnniewalkerhighball #johnniewalkerscotch #johnniewalkerindia." However, as soon as she shared it, trolls started attacking her.

Huma Qureshi, Mudassir Aziz
Huma Qureshi, Mudassir AzizInstagram

"Sharab peena haram hai kuran mein", "this is not allowed in Islam", "have you no shame", "shameful", "this is not allowed in Islam", "have some shame", "kuch to izzat karo musalman hone ki", "don't endorse alcohol. that too after being a Muslim" were some of the comments on Huma's picture by the moral brigade. While few also came out in support of the actress and said that it should be her choice completely.

The buzz of Huma Qureshi dating Mudassar Aziz has been quite strong for a while. The 34-year-old actress, who shot to fame with Gangs of Wasseypur, is in a solid relationship with the director. The duo never shy away from sharing cosy and romantic pictures together.

"It's important to be with someone with whom I can be the best version of myself. We should inspire and push each other to be better, both in our relationship and in our individual lives. Also, connection! Whether we're going out or just watching TV at home, we must have a connect. Yeah, I think I'd like that," Huma had told Cosmopolitan about her ideal man.