Vidya Balan's Shakuntala Devi is a biographical drama in which Vidya Balan plays the title role. Anu Menon has written and directed the movie which has hit the digital platform (Amazon Prime) on Friday, 31 July.

Shakuntala Devi Review
Vidya Balan's Shakuntala Devi garners fairly positive reviews.PR Handout

It is a film based on Shakuntala Devi, who was known as mathematics genius. Jisshu Sengupta, Sanya Malhotra, Amit Sadh, Prakash Belawadi and others are part of the cast. The movie has Sachin-Jigar's music, Keiko Malhotra's cinematography and Antara Lahiri's editing.

The movie tells the story of Shakuntala Devi, her love for the numbers, her stage shows and how she had the ability to solve the complicated problems with ease. It touches upon her personal life and how she was torn between motherhood and a math whizz.

Director Anu Menon has presented the story well and brings out interesting aspects of Shakuntala Devi's life. However, the screenplay fails to hold the viewers attention at parts. Overall, it is a one-time watch flick. Vidya Balan aces in role of Shakuntala Devi by getting into the skin of the character. She steals the show as a woman with confidence and conviction. Jisshu Gupta and Amit Sadh have come up with good performance.

Check out the audience's response to Shakuntala Devi:

Harneet Singh: If you can take a chance, forget it's a biopic and want to see #VidyaBalan nailing another show, your digital screens r waiting for u! She really did a great job with every aspect of it. This is the Perfect Ree

Shakuntala Devi old pic
An old picture of Shakuntala Devi.

Poojash69665899: Watched #ShakuntalaDevi Ok handOk handOk hand. #VidyaBalan is Amazing in Every scene she shines with her brilliant acting #SanyaMalhotra also acted well #JisshuSenGupa #AmitSadh also done good job as supporting actor's Music, screenplay, direction also very good 1/1..

Aavishkar: #ShakuntalaDevi is a #VidyaBalan show. She carries a decently made film on her brave shoulders and makes it a good experience. She has lived every frame of the film. Supporting cast is nice. Screenplay is decent, music is okay. It's a good 'One Time Watch' film.
Rating: Medium starMedium starMedium star

Monika Monalisa: Classic case of a story with potential but a victim of loose plot. Lost an audience in first half an hour of the movie. Even #VidyaBalan's acting could not get me back into the movie #ShakuntalaDevi #lastmovieiwatched

GItacharYa: #VidyaBalan in her most self-indulgent performance in a long time and a narration worthy of a 'boy genius director who delivered the masterpiece nobody except his 300 friends' remember,
#ShakuntalaDevi was better left to the imagination of people than a Bollywood biopic (1/2)
This film is an outright insult to the genius and filmmaking itself

KuNal Aryan: Just watched #ShakuntalaDevi and i liked the film. #VidyaBalan is brilliant Ok hand specially i liked
@sanyamalhotra07 she was looking very beautiful ❤ @jishu and @TheAmitSadh was good.
Tushar Thakur @Tushar_Thakur
@TheAmitSadh Brillant performance in #ShakuntalaDevi and one of the finest movie made by
@anumenon1805 . Thank you
@PrimeVideoIN and @SonyPictures for releasing it. Amazing biopic for real #womenempowerment .. hats off team behind it. . bravo

Philine Dunphy: #ShakuntalaDevi starts of quite well, but goes downhill once the daughter mother drama starts. Could have been written a lot better. Vidya Balan deserved a better screenplay for her acting chops and so did Shakuntala Devi for her remarkable life story

Sarthak Maiti: Loved the movie #ShakuntalaDevi
No better choice than #VidyaBalan in the role.Portrayal of a larger than life woman shows both math nd motherhood simultaneously. It's a joy to watch.Supporting casts are convincing nd performed really well.Don't miss watch #ShakuntalaDeviOnPrime

Niteesh Madithati: #VidyaBalan delivers a great performance,only she can do it both pride and ambition likeable
But the flamboyancy all seems over the top ,same with
@sanyamalhotra07 her teens are over dramatized
Another story spoiled by execution
The rise of #ShakuntalaDevi is well shown
#ShakuntalaDevi would have been lot better if the screenplay is as fast as her mind
But not able to reach her speed ,this film falls flat and tells us a tale that works to a point and then as the climax says the revolving number, the revolving drama happens alm the way till end.