Fans went frenzy when news of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan teaming up for a possible Yash Raj Universe. Adding more fuel to the news are reports of Shahrukh doing a cameo in Salman's Tiger 3 and Salman making a special appearance in SRK's Pathan.

Shah Rukh Salman
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Now the buzz is that spy agents Pathan and Tiger will join hands for a spy universe directed by Aditya Chopra. And wait, we also hear that Hrithik's agent Kabir from War will make a special appearance too. Though there is no official confirmation on the news, fans are already on cloud nine. Both SRK and Salman were last seen together in Karan Arjun in 1995.

Tiger Zinda Hai Zinda Hai

Interestingly, in a recent live interaction with fans on Instagram, when asked about his working experience with Salman, the Pathan actor said, "With Salman Khan, there is no working experience. There is only love experience, happy experiences, friendly experiences and brotherly experiences. So, it is amazing whenever I get to work with him."

Shah Rukh Khan spotted shooting for Pathan, fans upbeat

He further added, "We haven't done a full-fledged film together apart from Karan Arjun, which also was not full-fledged as we were not together in it for too long. So, we get to work four-five days a year sometimes. The last two years have been fantastic as I got to be in one of his films. I had a couple of days' role with Kabir Khan. And he came in Zero and did a song with me. Now, in Pathaan I don't know if this is a secret but inshallah, I will try to be Tiger 3 also. So, it is great fun working with him."