Shah Rukh Khan-Salman Khan's Friendship: Happy Days are Back
A picture of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan with Arpita Khan.Salman Khan's Twitter Fans Page

The biggest news Bollywood has had to offer this year, the Shah Rukh-Salman patch-up clearly brought smiles to the superstars' camps. But, looks like things aren't as smooth as it appears to be.

After tightly hugging each other at Arpita Khan's sangeet ceremony, SRK and Salman ironed out their differences and set aside their 7-year long rift.

However, on Sunday's "Weekend ka Vaar" of "Bigg Boss 8", Salman was in denial mode about the patch up. When Sonakshi Sinha, who was on the sets to promote "Action Jackson", said now that he was friends with the other Khan, it wouldn't hurt to pick one of the three as her favourite actor, the "Kick" actor shook his head and rubbished the reunion story.

Sinha, who was in the mood to have some fun, then uttered Salman's name in SRK's "K k k k k Kiran" style. The host then jumped at his friend's defense saying it's unethical to ape a senior actor. So, was the comment made in jest or the friendship is for real? Going by Salman's tendency to joke around, it might be just another passing statement made in fun spirit.

The two superstars had a bitter fallout at Katrina Kaif's birthday bash and had steered clear from each other's paths ever since. Be it social events or award ceremonies, the warring Khans would inevitably give it a miss.

The discomfort had eased with years and the cold war seemed to end when they hugged each other at politician Baba Siddiqui's Iftar Party in 2013. However, the differences continued in hush tones, until Salman's sister Arpita's wedding functions kick-started.

They have done three films together – "Karan Arjun" (1995), "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" (1998) and "Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam" (2002). However, It is now being reported that SRK, Salman and Aamir will come together to celebrate 21 years of a popular TV show "Aap ki Adalat".