Shah Rukh Khan has always been people's favorite and often indulges in the #AskSRK session on Twitter.

Once again, he was in a chatty mood on a hot sunny Tuesday afternoon. The actor took out time from his busy schedule and interacted with his fans. The variety of questions asked by fans ranged from his upcoming projects to personal life, and many more. As usual, SRK's witty answers won a million hearts.

Shah Rukh Khan

Let's take a look at some of the best answers by SRK

The session started with SRK tweeting, "Actually why not.... let's have a #AskSRK for a bit then time to build a sandcastle with the little one" (sic).

The first question Shah Rukh answered was on how he spends his quarantine days.

Check this out:

Will SRK watch DDLJ?


When a Twitter user asked SRK if he will watch his film DDLJ in UAE as the film just completed 25 years, and SRK is in UAE cheering and motivating his team KKR.

SRK answered, "Not really will wait to watch a new film of mine in the theatres perhaps".(sic)

Well, this is what even we are waiting for Shahrukh!

On Mohabbatein turning 20: 

Today is a special day, as his film Mohabbatein turns 20, and this question was indeed coming from his fans.

A user asked Shah, "Sir its been 20 years of #Mohabbatein. Say something about behind the scene. #AskSRK" (sic).

SRK and Amitabh

SRK's humbly replied:

"I remember doing the first scene with @SrBachchan and realised how short and small I am!!!" (sic)

This is what SRK believes in

SRK's words of wisdom to a user is what we need to imbibe in our life.

When SRK was asked, one thing you believe in?

His response, "Don't try to change the way people are....try and understand them". (sic)"

SRK's daily diet will make your jaw drop

"If you could eat only three foods for the rest of your life, what would they be?" asked another user.

SRK replied, "Daal, chawal, onions. (sic).

Want to know SRK's strength?

A fan asked Shah, "What's your biggest strength?"(sic)

His response: "Knowing my weaknesses."

Will KKR make it to the playoffs?


A curious KKR fan expressed his disappointment and asked the team owner whether KKR  win IPL 2020,  as the way the team is performing currently, looks like the team is playing with the emotions of their ardent fans.

SRK's witty reply to the concerned KKR fan was, "Arre meri socho....mere dil pe kya beet Rahi hai!!!! (Think about me... what my heart is going through" (sic)

For the unversed, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), lost to Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) on Monday and was dropped out of the top-four of the IPL 2020 Points Table. On Monday and suffered an eight-wicket loss against KXIP. Fans are worried whether the team will qualify for playoffs or not!

 Will SRK ever sell his bungalow Mannat?

"Bhai Mannat bechne wale ho kya?" asked a fan. Shah Rukh Khan gave an epic reply. He wrote: "Bhai Mannat bikti Nahi sar jhuka kar maangi jati hai...Yaad rakhoge toh life mein kuch paa sakogay. (Mannat is never sold, it is asked for... If you remember this, you'll achieve something in life)."

SRK's alerts his fans not to gather outside his bungalow on his birthday

It's SRK's birthday on November 2, and for his Jabra fans, it's not just a day but a festival. It has been more than a decade since his ardent fans gather outside SRK's bungalow at Mannat in Bandra. On his birthday the security is beefed up near his bungalow as a pool of fans gathers to get a glimpse of their favorite star.

And SRK being people's person. He comes to his balcony with his son AbRam and gives them flying kisses, and does the signature pose.

With the ongoing pandemic, this might not be possible in 2020. SRK alerted this during his Q&A session.

SRK mannat

This is what he wrote:

Who pays the bill?

A fan asked SRK, "If you go out to dinner with your non-famous friends, do you all still split the bill or do you pay? (sic).

To which SRK replied, "Not related to being famous or not, but they pay...I don't carry money."

SRK signed off the session by saying, "Now time to go and be with the little one. Thank u for your time and questions. Like always sorry couldn't reply to all....have a healthy life everyone. Love you. #AskSRK is over for now." (sic).

Fans this isn't the end!!

SRK recites Ek Ladki Thi Deewani si.. from Mohabbatein and it's magical!

Parampara. Pratishtha. Anushasan. And the magic of first love. The film got what its title read — Mohabbatein. It's been 20 years to this classic, which saw two industry giants Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan come together, and that was enough to ensure a hit.

SRK and AIshwarya

As the film clocks two decades, SRK recited one of the most iconic dialogues from the film Mohabbatein on his Twitter.

"Ek Ladki Thi Deewani si..." in his voice, after 20 years still makes us fall in love with him all over again.

SRKians, hear this now!

Tuesday couldn't have been more terrific! Isn't it?