Shah Rukh Khan will be back on the big screen with Pathan. Helmed by War fame Siddharth Anand, the film also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. It has not been long since the shooting started but the film is already making headlines. In the latest report it has been alleged that a fight broke out between an assistant and the director on the sets. The argument escalated to such a level where the two slapped each-other.

Shah Rukh Khan, Siddharth Anand, Deepika Padukone
Shah Rukh Khan, Siddharth Anand, Deepika PadukoneTwitter

Siddharth has his own way of doing things on set and doesn't like any sort of disturbance, says the report. He further wanted everyone to keep their phones away but one particular person refused to agree.

 "Siddharth is known for having a certain temperament on the sets. Given that he's the captain of the ship, he didn't like how a particular assistant was behaving during work. He also wanted all phones to be kept away but the assistant didn't pay heed to any of his requests. He followed the behaviour for some time and then confronted him. That led to a big argument but people thought it was just that. Shooting resumed post that break," Bollywood Hungama reported quoting a source.

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The report further states that the assistant kept abusing Siddharth and bad-mouthing him to other workers on the set. Siddharth was furious when he came to know of it and slapped the assistant.  In anger, the assistant too slapped him back. This led to a chaos on the sets and shooting had to be stalled for a day. Last heard, the assistant had been fired.

Reacting to Shah Rukh Khan's sabbatical, Gauri Khan had told Zoom that he would be up and about very, very soon. "I think it was required more than anything else. It was high time he took this break. I am happy that I can travel while he is at home. He takes good care of AbRam. I am super excited. If I am not there for the little one, he is there. Suits me, I think it's a great, great idea. I think he will be up and about very, very shortly."