Kabir Bedi is a name that needs no introduction. The man ruled the hearts of millions with his killer looks and fiery personality. The charismatic man was known for wearing his heart on his sleeve. Kabir Bedi fell-in-love numerous times, even when he was married to Protima Bedi.

It was Bedi and Parveen Babi's passionate affair that grabbed the biggest of headlines. But, that didn't deter the two. In an interview, Protima Bedi had spoken about how her marriage with Kabir Bedi had finished even before Parveen came into his life.

Kabir Bedi's first wife Protima Bedi on actor's affair with Parveen Babi
Kabir Bedi with Parveen Babi; Kabir Bedi with first wife ProtimaTwitter; Instagram

Protima had even revealed that it was her who had encouraged Parveen Babi and Kabir Bedi to have an affair. She said she did it to get Kabir Bedi "off her back". However, she felt that his biggest mistake was leaving her and their two kids despite being given a freeway.

But when Parveen Babi and Bedi's relationship went kaput, Protima said that she didn't want Kabir Bedi back in her life. She revealed how Parveen Babi was never the reason for their marriage falling apart.

Kabir Bedi and Protima Bedi
Kabir Bedi and Protima BediInstagram

Talking to Stardust, Protima had said, "When Kabir left home two years ago, to live rent-free with another woman, he may have ceased to be my husband, but he didn't stop being my children's father. What's a divorce anyway? As much of a piece of paper as marriage. Parveen may be out of his life but it doesn't mean that I want Kabir back in mine. That's because to start with, I have never held Parveen responsible for breaking up my marriage. It happened long before she entered the scene. We had stopped being a man and a woman. Sex had finished between Kabir and me. My body was not his. But I never stopped loving him with my heart, my soul, my mind."