In a shocking case of alleged negligence by authorities in Maharashtra, seven more coronavirus patients died at BMC-run hospital in Jogeshwari, Mumbai due to a shortage in oxygen supply to coronavirus patients. So far at least 12 people have died in a span of two weeks due to the same. 

About 90 per cent of patients admitted at a 200-bed facility at HBT Trauma Center in Jogeshwari require oxygen supply. A resident doctor said that out of the 25 beds in the ICU, there are at least 15 machines, which is running on low oxygen pressure.

Doctors at the Coronavirus isolation ward at the Patna Medical College and Hospital, on March 14, 2020.IANS

'Patients would begin gasping before we could do anything it would be all over'

According to Mumbai Mirror reports, a doctor said, "What transpired was an identical indicator attached to oxygen line that indicated 'low oxygen pressure'. Patients would begin gasping and before we could do anything it would be all over." 

The report further added that the hospital does not have a single intensivist on its rolls, there were two just-out-of-college MBBS graduates and two nurses on ICU duty. Besides, the MBBS doctors, who were substituting for two senior doctors on sick leave, were unavailable in the ICU when the seven patients passed away.