Tamil actress Sonia Agarwal has warned media for wrongly dragging into the ongoing Sandalwood drug case after the Bengaluru cops carried out raids at a few celebrities' houses that include a cosmetic industrialist with the same name, She vented her anguish against journalists who failed to do their "homework", thereby defaming her.

Sonia Agarwal
Sonia Agarwal.Instagram

Filmmaker Selvaraghavan's ex-wife Sonia Agarwal shared a YouTube video of a story that claimed that she was arrested. The actress is now busy with the shooting of her upcoming film in Kerala.

Sonia Agarwal's Tweets
"Here my 2 cents for the media and for the journalist's who doesnt bother to do their home work properly and is very eager to print and defame a person without any investigation...,whilst I am in Kerala shooting for my new project. [sic]"

The actress is upset with the media house for non-stop queries pertaining to the drug case. She tweeted, "P S - I will be taking appropriate legal action towards the concerned media houses and journalists for defamation and putting me and my family through this mental agony and shock caused by all the continuous calls and messages since morning. [sic]"

Bengaluru Cops
On Monday, 30 August, the East Division police in Bengaluru carried out a raid on a few celebrities and reportedly recovered narcotic substances. Based on the information given by the recently-arrested drug peddler Thomas, the raids were conducted by the cops on a few celebrities' residences that include Cosmetic industrialist Sonia Agarwal, industrialist Bharath and DJ Vachan Chinnappa.

Unfortunately, some media houses mistook cosmetic industrialist to the Tamil actress and wrongly reported that the Rainbow Colony actress was arrested in a Sandalwood's drug case.

Sanjjanaa Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi
Sanjjanaa Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi@sanjjanaagalrani/Instagram, @rraginidwivedi/Instagram

"In connection with a drug peddler case registered at Govindapura police station, there were allegations on three celebrities. We had gathered enough evidence as well. Three separate teams are conducting searches at the houses of celebrities in these areas. We will be getting more details once the search is completed in all places," Deccan Herald quotes a senior police officer as saying.

It may be recalled that actresses like Ragini Dwivedi and Sanjjanna Galrani were arrested last year in connection with the drug case.

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