Nabbing of a teenager of Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK) on Friday evening has alerted security agencies because for the second time this boy has "inadvertently" crossed over to this side of Line of Control (LoC) during the last nine months.

Ali Haider, son of Mohammed Sharif resident of Baspura of PoJK, was apprehended by the Army on Friday evening near LoC in the Balonie area of the Mendhar tehsil of Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch district.

Sources said that after crossing over to this side of LoC Ali Haider was roaming mysteriously in border villagers of Mendhar.

"Areas, where Ali Haider was roaming, are infamous infiltration routes of terrorists from across the border", sources said and added that intense questioning of nabbed PoJK teenager is going on to ascertain his motive of entering this side of the border for the second time.

Defence PRO

"During initial questioning, Ali Haider told troops that he has once again crossed LoC inadvertently, security agencies have smelt some dangerous gameplan in his second infiltration," sources said.

Ali Haider was earlier repatriated to Pakistan

On December 31, 2020, Ali Haider,14, was arrested from a border village of Poonch. At that time Haider had almost reached the Poonch town when he was nabbed.

Ali Haider was earlier repatriated to Pakistan authorities
Defence PRO

During the question, Haider told them last time that he had inadvertently crossed over to this side of the LOC in Poonch through Ranger Nalla. He was caught by Army troops, put under questioning but found to be "innocent". Later he was handed over to local police. He was provided food, clothes, and shelter. The Indian authorities informed Pakistani authorities about the repatriation of the PoJK boy.

From Chakkan-Da-Bagh crossing point on LoC in Poonch, Ali Haider was handed over to civil and military officials of Pakistan on January 8, 2021. He was also offered gifts by the Indian officials.

Authorities smell gameplan behind Haider's motive

This time instead of trusting him on his excuse of "inadvertently" crossing to this side of LoC,  intense questioning of Ali Haider is going on to ascertain his real motive to re-enter this side of the border.

"He entered this side of the LoC from Balnoie area of Mendhar which is infamous as infiltration route," a source said, adding that "there is the possibility that the teenager was assigned the job by Pakistani authorities to conduct recce of the area and review alertness of the troops before pushing some terrorists."