The practice of hiding secret messages in songs is as old as music itself, and it looks like South Korean boy band Big Bang has employed it to their hit song "Let's Not Fall in Love" to surprise their fans. In the latest release from the "Made" series, a hidden message -- a conversation between two lovers -- can be heard when the song is played backwards.

As fans of the song already know that the song is about being precarious in love, and one lover telling another to not make many promises because nobody can predict what tomorrow will bring. But when played backwards, it is about a couple breaking up.

You can hear a girl telling in Korean, "You always do this", while the boy replies, "Sorry, It is not you. It is me." Could this mean that the couple fell in love despite the boy warning they shouldn't and now, they are paying the price with heartache?

Listen to the message, which can be heard when the song is played backwards:

All of Big Bang's songs have been very emotional and heartbreaking recently. Other than "Let's Not Fall in Love", "Zutter" is also a disturbingly emotional song.

Not only was the MV quite disturbing, with G-Dragon and T.O.P peeing against walls in public and ripping out intestines of an animal, the lyrics of "Zutter" also had a self-righteous, air of arrogance, mostly seen in Hip-Hop style of music. For instance, "I've been fat in my youth, so I know the taste of money" and "I'm drunk on alcohol, they tell me it's art" and so on.

But, there is an underlying element of self-deprecation and awareness, which shows a new side of the band.