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Apple Watch Series 4 goes on sale in India: Key specs, price and more

Yes, India-bound Watch series 4 comes with advanced electrical heart rate sensor that can take an electrocardiogram (ECG) readings, seen in Apple's smart wearable model sold in America. Once the company gets the nod from local health regulatory agency, it will be activated with a minor software update. Oct 19, 2018
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Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular long-term review: The epitome of smart wearable

After using it for than three months, I have no hesitation to say Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular is the embodiment of an ideal smart wearable in the industry right now. It has everything, a really good fitness tracker, accurate heart rate monitor, an intuitive watchOS, a standalone communication feature, can hail a cab, a huge storage for music and yes, it tells time too. Sep 4, 2018