The lockdown has put an indefinite end to parties as we know it. This has only meant one of two things, either you stop altogether or you get innovative. So many people have had to celebrate their birthdays unlike they usually do, thanks to a disease that is keeping the world on its toes and in perpetual fear.

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker turned 32 in style thanks to her friends and family who made her birthday special. With a long-distance party over a video call, everybody will wish they have friends like that. 

Swara Bhasker
@reallyswara on Instagram

Swara Bhasker parties her way to 32

Parties will now appear remarkably different for a while, and the lockdown due to Coronavirus is going to make sure of it. Social distancing has left many without the same level of interaction with those around them. But, Swara Bhasker made the most of it with her friends and family. Earlier, Sonam Kapoor had wished her 'Veere' on Instagram on her birthday. 

The outspoken Bollywood actress rang in her 32nd birthday over a video call. Instead of celebrating it with a couple of family members who are close by and a home-baked cake, her friends took it a step further to connect over video. This was Swara's virtual 'house party'.

That's not all, the party was a full-fledged affair when the actress' friends performed and played games for over four hours. Surely, they went out of their way to do this. Swara was touched by their gesture and posted a glimpse of the event on Twitter. 

Surely, she won't be forgetting this birthday any time soon.