As heavy rains continue to wreak havoc in Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana. Over a few days, visuals of people being washed away, damaged houses and floating cars are being witnessed due to the flash flood situation caused due to heavy rains.

Now, a phone call of a man stuck in a car washed away by the floodwaters, surfaced from Hyderabad.  Venkatesh Goud, the man stuck in the car, is asking his friend to send someone for help as his car was stuck in a strong current. The only thing saving the car was a tree. 

Hyderabad rain

On the phone call, he was heard telling his friend, the tyres of the car have gone up and the car is filled with water. Goud's friend then asked him to climb a compound wall or hold on to a tree. 

"Yes, I can see compound. But if I get out of the car, I am gone (due to the strong currents). Even a tree that was stopping the car is gone now. The car is just moving away," Goud replied.

"Please be brave. Nothing will happen to you," his friend reassured him helplessly while he watches the car moving away. The 1 min 44-second phone call ends with his friend making a desperate appeal to save the man. Mr Goud's body was found later on Thursday, he was declared dead. 

Heavy rains continue to batter Hyderabad, other parts of Telangana

So far 31 people have lost their lives in heavy rain in Hyderabad - among them a two-month-old baby.  Heavy rains and flash floods in Telangana have claimed 50 lives, including 31 in Hyderabad

As per the primary estimates, the state suffered Rs 5,000 crore loss due to heavy rains and flash floods. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister urged the Centre to release immediately Rs 1,350 crore for relief measures.

KCR, as the Chief Minister is popularly known, sought Rs 600 crore to extend relief to farmers whose crops were damaged and Rs 750 crore for relief and rehabilitation measures in Greater Hyderabad and other areas.