From Suleiman Isa in Sacred Games to producer Jagmohan Ranjish Hi Sahi, actor and acting coach Saurabh Sachdeva is cementing his versatility, one role at a time. After leaving an impression on our minds with Taish, Manmarziyaan, Laal Kaptaan and Raat Baaki Hai, Saurabh plays the role of a flamboyant producer in Mahesh Bhatt's latest show.

Saurabh Sachdeva
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International Business Times got in touch with the actor to talk about the praise the show has received, the brickbats, how he was approached for the role and more.

From an acting coach to an actor; how did you sign your first project?

My first project was Maroon which was directed by one of my students Pulkit. He approached me with the character. Initially, it didn't interest me but he rewrote and came again because he wanted me to do that character. So I took it up and that's how I found my first project. And the second project I bagged when I opened my school, I got a call from Mukesh Chhabra Casting. They called me for Sacred Games and I auditioned for 3 characters later on I was finalized for playing Suleiman Isa.

How did you come onboard Ranjish Hi Sahi?

I got a call from the casting director for the role. Then the director called me and we had a productive meeting. He told me that he wants me in the show and I said okay to it as I liked the part I was being offered.

The show has divided the fans into two groups – one, loving it and the other, questioning how fair is it to portray someone's life when the person is not here to defend/stand up for herself. What do you have to say about that?

See, I don't really know! I'm no one to decide what's fair and what's not. If I tell a story of someone from my point of view, some will like it and some not. I don't think there should be a problem because if I tell a story it's from my observation, my point of view, and my life experiences. So stories are inspired by life experiences, people, books, etc. Also, how can we say how realistic it was since it was based in the 70s and the show is inspired by Mahesh Bhatt's life events, not his biopic. So it's on the makers how much creative freedom they have taken to fictionalize and enhance the story. My job was to play my part to the best and hopefully, I have managed to do that.

Ranjish Hi Sahi deals with all the intricacies of love there can be, yet very little is known of your personal life. Tell us about your love life.

Well, I'm neither married nor in a relationship.